Monday, July 4, 2011

What celebrity is planning on having a clothing line??

Who better than the stylish risk taker Lady Gaga. For the past year Lady Gaga has wowed us all w/ her stylish and boldly insane fashion sense. Gaga has had everyone from tv producers to the audience anticipating her arrivial for award shows and more. Gaga has worn everything from Flesh-colored leotards, thigh high boots, Mardi Gras-inspired masks, wacky hats and a ton of camel-toes, You name it Lady Gaga has done it all, and she leaves little to the imagination. Im curious to see what her line is going to consist of. Simply because every celeberity that has been great in their genre turn to Fashion and it normally goes south for most. But Gaga puts 100% in whatever she does so hopefully  her designers will bring it!

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