Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New to the game or an O.G??

Rebecca Minkoff.. I havent really heard of her so I must do a backround check. So, far what im seeing I like.

Fan ME....

MK has did it again! The brilliant collection of MK my favorite hands down. Nist@ approves.......

2010 is really the yr of the underdog....

LV has been stepping out of their comfort zone lately. With the new prints and colors they are slowy but surely gaining back their customer fan base! I remember everyone use to wear Burberry and Lv back in school. Get caught with one of these Fashionable bags this summer!

Mary had a little L.A.M.B???...

L.A.M.B 2010 summer/spring: Gwen stephanie has it going on. This summer will be great som many lovely style from so many designers. So far so good. Be instyle with the new L.A.M.B rowland bag..Simply chic Nist@ approves....

Bag lady....

Gucci's 2010 spring/summer collection: I adore the mustard. Anything close to gold I fall in love with. Mustard is a very complicated color to pull off. Simply because of how bright it is it doesnt work for eveyone's image nor skin tone.Im sure our travelers Will be very pleased to travel in style with the gucci luggage. With this luggage and one of these fab bags you cant go wrong!


D&G spring/summer collection. I must say I am impressed with this collection. Usually I frown but its something about these bags that would actually make me wear them. When you think of these colors you automaticly think of crayons. Nist@ approves...

Bags that will make you GAG!

Chanel's 2010 spring/summer collection. looks like Largerfield is going for a more conservative edgey look, but you can still wear it anywhere. Although conservavtive is their signature style.  The teal clutch is my favorite! You can always tell when it's Chanel. The diamond quilt look will never die!

Monday, January 18, 2010


So many women/men obsesse over having the glits and the glam! So If your boyfriend/girlfriend had a dream and they spent most of their time fullfilling that dream and not fullfilling that relationship what would you do??  Although they have a SHOT at the "Hollywood" life. Now before you answer here's the down fall: Doesnt talk to you as much, always have excuses,dont see eachother and the only time yall talk is on social sites for 15 min every now and then! K now answer!

Halle BERRAYYY Halle Berry!

Halle Berry is back! I am so happy she went back short! The long hair wasnt really appealing to her attributes! she WERKD this dress.Welcome back Halle! Nist@ apporves....

Precious Moment Finally!

Ms. Monique finally has her time to shine. They say 2010 is "The year of the underdog"~Diddy. I absoloutely agree. Monique has been doing her thing for the longest time.As a fellow baltimorian I must say I am proud of her making out of our city and making her way legally into the spotlight! As far as the leg warmers "You can take a person out the hood but you cant take the hood out of the person". Julia Roberts really worked this violet. I mean that color is so vibrant and beautiful on her. As for Ms. Meryl Streep is absoloutely amazin! After "Devil wears prada" she just went threw the roof in my book. She looked amazin I wasnt really feeling her outfit but it works for her! Congrats ladies!

Who ripped the runway Nist@ edition!

(from left) Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey-Canon,Tina Frey and Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. I must say Eva is working the hell out of that dress. The color really works for her skin tone and intensifies her beauty! Mariah was hanging out wasnt she! The dress is hott but I was expecting a change in the married mariah a little BANG something Idk. But Tina Frey's not impressing me w/ this garment. Those shoes does'nt really do the dress justice! Jennifer A. is working that split but I was expecting more from her as well now that she is single and ready to mingle!

Samantha C. Gets Feisty!

From the inspiration of Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, Tina Turner in Mad Max and Jane Fonda in Barbarella the former Burberry designer Samantha Cole created pieces for the female warrior avant-garde. This reminds me of a Janet Jackson video.

Fashion Flash back!

Let's bring back the 60's with a little hint of Richie Rich club kids. This male chic styling by Herr von Eden is brilliant. From the male romper to the violet suit. I live for it. Nist@ Approves!

New style: Aztec inspired

Osborn design studios creates a shoe that not only the chic and urban could wear but also for the street urban as well. These shoes were handcrafted in Guatemala.Wow for shoes to be so beautifly printed its amazin to see what other countries are doin with fashion and culture! Nist@ Approves.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nist@ Approves: Tory B.new collection

Tory Burch Brayden bag. Im not sure what to think about it! love the gold circular buckles but not sure about the bag style...

Nist@ approve! Sergio R.

Sergio Rossi cachet slingback is haute! Pink is my fave color so you know this automaticly went in my list of things to get. Peep toes are such a sexy way for women to draw attention to their feet especially when it's a platform. Gives you a xtra arch and a sexy one at that! NA!

Nist@ Approves MJ stam!!

Marc Jacobs is back with my favorite style bag the "Stam". This bag was my all time fave style by him I love it.. Im a big fan of black and gold as you all know from previous blogs. But the fact that it is now studded is sickening to me.. uggghhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece. future note to myself save for this bag.. Nist@ appoves!

Nist@ Approves: DV platform

Dolce Vita's sandalized platform! Now im not a big fan of the slit toe but this heel is a platform so that just gave me a motive! Nist@ Approved!

HIT OR MI$$?? Diamond princess...

Trina's photoshoot. Not really sure as to how I feel about this but I must say if shes going for the pinup look she's passing barely. Im a little confused on where the shoot is going because it's not her image.But then again she doesnt really have a particular style. So with that being said love the colored lip and necklace...

Haute Gossip: Love TKO...

Has RiRi found her a new boo?? As Chris searches for a new Bad Romance riri continues to sport hers around on boats  trips,shopping sprees, etc.. Its amazing to me how riri has gotten a love so "SOON"! According to the cousin of Matt's x-girlfriend  he still calls and says how much he love's her and blah blah blah blah! Welp go head riri get in where you fit in!

Nist@ Apprves: GZ studded cutout!

Guiseppe Zanotti stud cutout. Not sure if I am really convinced this
is a hawt item yet. But im sure they'll be hawt on! what do you think??

Nist@ Appoves!

Miu Miu cadged suede platform pump is sickening... Nist@ APPROVED! What do you think??


Ciara's shoot with the theme of back to 70's I love it.. I think the stylist really brought out the theme with a Haute Couture edge. I must say Louboutin has did it again with the Thigh boots. What do you think??

Sunday, January 3, 2010


 Ladies we all have men trouble. So my question is what is your definition of settling?? And if the guy you've always wanted came along but you had a boyfriend what would you do??