Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Night Out..

Celebrating Fashion Night Out at Lenox Mall.
Enjoying the launches of Bannana Republic , Micheal Kors , Solstice newest fall collections.
We were very greatful to have met such wonderful designers and Owner Emmanuel of Fashion company Profashioned Alliance. As I enjoyed cocktails w/ Dosh Magnet's Ceo Amia Leavy and Fashion Model Demitirus Lindsey. We were greatful to have mingled our way to the flawless and beautiful Anna Johnson, Maya Joseph and also The handsome Curtis Richardson. They were really sweet and such great sense of humor. As they created such rucus to shoppers in the mall we very greatful to have met such wonderful and beautiful people. Last night was a blast looking forward to more of fall's events and Fashions! Nist@ 

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