Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ciara 100 Pigalle stud pumps:

Ciara's rock Christian Louboutin's 100 Pigalle studded pumps to her performance in Las Vegas at Chateau Nightclub & Gradens.She paired these stunning pumps w/ a cropped leather jacket, skinny jeans and a strapless top not to mention that lovely physique of hers. Go CiCi! I love how her style fluctuates. She's so versitle when it comes to fashion and it really works for her!

Oh No!! Victoria Beckham's worst nightmare...

Victoria beckham's nightmares have been answerd. Doctors have put her on stict orders to not wear HEELS for a while. According to her doctor Victoria "Posh" Beckham has a slipped disc and should lay off her usual ritual of wearing her 6in platform stilettos. Her doctors suggested Ballet FLATS to ease the pain and felt it would be to much of a risk to wear high heels. As some may know my favorite time of the year is coming next to X-mas it's New York's Fashion Week. I cant begin to imagine Posh in her ballet flats although they may be very stylish. I wonder how the crowd will look at her as she grace the crowd w/ her presents in FLATS??? I feel your pain Posh!

The controversial 'Slave Earrings"??

According to numerous of blogs and news headlines "Slave Earrings" have been the subject for numerous of topics lately. Vogue Italia has named this jewlery trend after Us slavery era. Many have been affected by this including super model and mogul Iman , she says "They might as well just called them N**** Earrings". Italia vogue editor Franco Sozanni sends his apologies: We apologise for the inconvenience. It is a matter of really bad translation from Italian into English.The Italian word, which defines those kind of earrings, should instead be translated into ‘ethnical style earrings’. Again, we are sorry about this mistake which we have just amended in the website". Personally I think It can go either way bad or good. This society has made it ok for derogatory terms to be used in their every day vocabulary. This raises questions but African American Men and Women can go around and call eachother 'N*****,B******,H***.. And it be ok. But as soon as someone famous or someone in a higher position play off of our ignorance it's racist? Im not saying I agree w/ what Vogue has stated to be a "Trend" is correct however, How often do we as a people offend eachother everyday???

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Out w/ the old x in w/ the new:

Move over Kardashians the Jenners are taking over. Kylie and Kendall Jenner Baby sisters to Kim,Khloe,Kourtney Kardashian are the new startlets. Kendall and Kylie have been in the head lines alot lately and I must say these girls are growing fast. Watching them on the Karshians show has really been an adventure for me. From hardly seeing them to seeing them alot this family is maintaining their relvance . I love Kardashian-Jenner family.. They know how to keep tradition.. Take a look at these young beauties: 

Double Trouble: Recapping the Olsens

Taking a look into the life of the Olsens. These stylish twins have been my favorite for years. I mean all the Mary-Kate & Ashley movies I loved. I feel like we grew up together in reality. And not just on tv. I see these girls grow. From kids to teens from teens to adults. I adora the olsen twins. What amazes me about them is their ability to stay relevant! Whether it's clothing lines,New beaus,new contracts, gossip etc.. They never seem to leave the lime light!


Nista's August Crush: Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz daughter of Famous singer lenny Kravitz & Actress Lisa Bonet. Has caught my eye for quite some time now. I've seen her on numerous occasions and she always melts my heart. The Bohemian rock chic stylish Zoe has some of the best photos I've seen.. Braided head bands, bleached demin jean shorts, siren red lipstick etc.. Gives me life as "Nista in a contemporary chic rockers" closest.. Take at look at why Zoe K. is my crush for the month:

Fashion Stalking: Elle Fanning

Stalking the stylish Celebrity sister Elle Fanning sister of Dakota Fanning. Although I recently found out this was the little sister of Dakota Fanning. Whenever I would see her I just knew she reminded me of someone. I've seen her numerous of times on the red carpet and every time she looks so adorable. Take a look at the adorabley stlylish Elle Fanning.. Nist@ Approved