Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HAUTE GOSS: RIP Brittnay Murphy

Well known actress Brittany Murphy, who also appeared in such films as “Clueless” and “8 Mile,”as well as "uptown girls" died Sunday, apparently of natural causes, some said cardiac arrest. She was 32.

Murphy was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m. PT Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, hospital. RIP Brittany M. you will always be a friend in my head and "Uptown Girls" will remain dear to me! SPREAD YOUR WINGS =)


Rumor has it Trina the diamond princess dissed Khia over the past week because of a  Dj letting Khia perform before her. Im not sure how true it is but Khia alledgly slept with wayne while Trina and Wayne were an idol. this beef goes way back but I must say Wayne has all the girls necking and backing! What do you think??

HAUTE GOSS: Kardashians go "single"...

Kardashians(from left) Khloe,Kim and prego Kourtney.. Goes single ladies. I think Kourt was very bold for the prego leotard I like! Kardasians have been catergoried as 2009 most intriguing people. I agree no one has done it the way they have. The brought something new! What do you think??


Lady Gaga has an interesting taste in fashion. She takes chance and can careless what the public has to say. I love the dress the detailing of it all makes it a HAUTE PIECE! The hair is just a Gaga tease.. but I love it! What do you think??

Nist@ Appoves: Fendi 2010 spring/summer

Fendi spring/summer 2010 collection has me in a frenzie. I love chic couture and thats what Fendi gave me. from the drapping to the in balance of the earth tones I love it all. I can see this in hollywood as well as in reality. Nist@ approves!

HAUTE GOSS: Keeping up with MASON!

Kourtney Kardshian sister of Kim Karashian recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy Mason. I am looking forward to KK motherhood I believe it will be interesting congrats Kourt!

HIT OR MI$$?? She by Sheree

Atlanta house wife Sheree Debut her fashion line She By Sheree at New Yorks fashion week. I am a fan of the housewives but not such a fan of the name behind someone elses work. I must say Iam impressed with her designers work. somethings I would wear some I would give back. What do you think??

Nist@ Approves: Gianmarco L. Boot!

This seasons indigo blue was my favorite since black and gold colaborated. Fashion Designer Gianmarco Lorenzi 2010 fall collection boot is sickening! I Believe it has a peep toe but w/ or w/o it still has the Nist@ stamp of approval!

Nist@ Approves: Ceasar P. bootie!

This Bootie of Ceasar Paciott 2010 fall collection gives me "Single Ladies" beyonce tease. I am fasicnated with black and gold so this bootie had my approval instanly.  What do you think??

HIT OR MI$$??? Nikki Minaj or Joker Jinx??

Young Money's Nikki Minaj was spotted at M2 lounge in NY . celebrating Young Money's new release album "We are young mney". Now I dont know about anybody else but she hasnt quite broke me in yet. Im still waiting to be convinced. This pic gives me jackin the box joker jinx tease. With Nikki having such Subtle look less would be better for her. The loud barbie look over powers her beauty. What do you think??

HIT OR MI$$?? Insane or sane??

For the love of ray-j contestant Danger was spotted this past week w/ a haute celeb sytlist on the way out to hit the town. recently Danger was checked into a Pych hospital. inside scoop says she is doing better now. *side eye* we'll be the judge of that. To me this pic gives me dress up military boy chichin rush hour 3 tease. What do you think??

HIT 0R MI$$ Friends in my head...

 Friends in my head HAUTE Black Hollywood couple Beyonce
+ Jay-z were spotted in Maldives over the past week. Im a ripped jean lover but not so much in this picutre. To me it seems as if something is missing. Im not sure if its less or more. what do you think??

HAUTE GOSS: From Toya to Nivea to Trina to lauren london who will wayne end up with next?? is it love or lust??

 Singer Shanell sister of Dwoods & also the more softer side of young money has gotten one of Black Hollywoods  Hottest Bachelor.. Yes people Lil Wayne. Apparently he is taken by her talent and a few other things.Inside source says "wayne is so in love with that girl, I dont know what she did, but he is just mush when it comes to her, he loves her drive, personality, and the fact that she is so talented. she one of his bestfriends"...

even though this is not new to me because at her party they were mighty close. but not to pass judgement you jus know when people have a "thing" specially in Black Hollywood. Go wayne and Shanell I wish you the best!

Friday, December 25, 2009


How was everyone's X-mas ??I hope you all got what you holidays everyone and bring in 2010 right!


 Power couple Kanber (kanye and amber) were spotted out. These two are normally trendy and their wardrobe always seem to combine. whether its prints or studs. These two always seem to know what works for them as a couple as well as indivually. What do you think??


Now Keisha was my girl when she first came out. The whole reddish hair thing really got her buzz and hawt on the market. Lately since she has been "A different me" Idk what to think. The shoes are hawt of course Louboutins. But the dress and the jacket ummmmmm I think personally I dont think it works for Keisha.What do you think???

HIT OR MI$$???

Now I love Amber Rose. But I love the blonde Amber. The blueish green is trendy & different but im all about what works. And she kills the blonde. I love a person that can make a trend hot even if it has already been done.They make you forget that it has already been done. What do you think??

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Do you think it is exceptable to forgive someone for murder,raping,cheating and not except & forgive someone who is GAY?

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Welcome to my blog where reality meets actuality. My blog will be based on Fashion, poetry, daily lessons,Gossip and much much more.I want everyone to feel welcome! if you want to write a poem Ill post it leave your name,twitter,facebook wherever it is you want people to contact you if they want more. dont be a stranger. Everyday I will try to have a daily discussion which means I will ask a question and hope you guys will respond. Honesty is the key to my blog so I wont hold nothin hope you guys enjoy drop me some love THE END FIN....