Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fashion 101!..

Fashion's spring lingo. Learn whats walking down the runway & where these brilliant designers are getting their inspiration from.

Weft & Warp:The crossing yarns in denim textile that create the signature diagonal weave on the inside of the fabric.

Palais De Tokyo: A contemporary art museum in Paris & site.

Body Con: Short for "body conscious" & all over the spring 2010 runways. Super sleek & skintight silouette. See: Herve Leger signature bandage dress

Kente Cloth: A traditional African textile created by sewing together this strips of cloth. Originating from Ghana, its the source of inspiration for the season's tribal trend.

Frisson: A sudden thrill, a rush. Usage. "When this oscar de la renta dress hit the runway, there was a frission of excitement"

Redux: Brought back; recieved. Usage: " We loved  Jason Wu's take an American sportswear-a glamorous '60s redux."

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